Case Results in Felony Criminal Cases

The Hemminger Law Firm supports clients in Franklin, Delaware, and Surrounding Counties in Ohio.

We would like to take a moment to share with you a few of the criminal defense results that we have been able to obtain for our clients in a variety of criminal cases. Again, please note that every arrest and court case is different and our analysis of a case depends on the unique facts involved in the case. No two cases are the same and we cannot guarantee any outcome for you and your case. Likewise, sometimes we are not able to reach a plea agreement with the prosecutor which results in the client being faced with the difficult decision whether to take the case to trial or enter a change of plea to “guilty”. If our client wants to take the case to trial, we work hard and do the best job we can, but taking a case to trial is completely unpredictable. If our client wants to change their plea to “guilty”, then we do our best to mitigate the judge’s sentence. Either way, we will give you our best opinion as to the quality of the evidence, the risks involved and the minimum and maximum penalties.

Columbus, Ohio – My client was charged with Burglary and was facing 2-8 years in prison. After negotiating with the prosecutor, I secured a plea deal for my client to the misdemeanor charge of Theft. At sentencing, my client was given credit for 10 days previously served in jail and was released. No felony, no jail, no probation and no fine.

Delaware County, Ohio – My client was charged with 2 counts of Gross Sexual Imposition (2 alleged victims) and after months of arguing with the prosecutor over evidentiary issues, the prosecutor dismissed all charges on the eve of trial.

Delaware County, Ohio – My client was charged with several sex offenses and the jury trial lasted 3 days. After more than 24 hours, the jury returned a split verdict at 7:30 pm on Friday night. The jury confessed that they were a “hung jury for several hours” before ultimately returning a verdict of Not Guilty on 3 counts of Rape, but Guilty on 2 counts of Rape.

Columbus, Ohio – My client was charged with 2 counts of Domestic Violence and 2 counts of Assault. After numerous failed negotiations with the prosecutor, I was able to secure a plea deal for my client just before a jury was sat for the trial. My client pled to 1 count of Criminal Mischief, a 3rd degree misdemeanor and property offense. I spoke on my client’s behalf at sentencing and the judge ordered a suspended sentence only and placed my client on non-reporting probation. My client avoided jail and avoided being convicted of a “violent crime against persons”.

Delaware County, Ohio – My client was indicted on felony theft charges. The government’s evidence included eye witnesses, video evidence and a full confession. However, I entered a plea for my client of Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity and the forensic psychologist testified as to my client’s inability to appreciate the wrongfulness of her actions at that time. At trial, the Judge accepted our expert’s testimony and found my client Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity.