Traffic Offenses: An Overview in Westerville, Delaware & Columbus, Ohio

The Hemminger Law Firm supports clients in Franklin, Delaware, and Surrounding Counties in Ohio.

Traffic offenses could range from a simple infraction for broken equipment or they could be as serious as being caught driving under the influence. In Ohio, the term used is OVI – operating a vehicle under the influence. Hemminger Criminal Defense handles all types of traffic infractions and offenses; thus, if you have been stopped and issued a ticket, or you have been arrested for a traffic offense, you should contact a Columbus traffic offense attorney.

Traffic Infractions

Because certain traffic infractions and traffic offenses add points to your license, which could lead to suspension, you should contact an Ohio traffic offense lawyer to help get the charges against you dismissed or lowered. While you may think it’s easier to pay the fine, those points will start adding up.

Moving Violations

Moving violations add points to your license. These might include reckless operation, driving under suspension, driving without a license, speeding tickets, failure to obey traffic signals, failure to yield, expired license plates, and more.

Other Traffic Violations

Other traffic infractions could include, but are not limited to, failure to use a seatbelt and equipment violations. Load limit violations will also cause you to get a ticket or pay fines, however, these are not usually moving violations.

Points for Crimes

Ohio adds points to your license for certain crimes committed while you are in control of a vehicle. These include homicide by vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident, DUI/OVI, drag racing, fleeing or eluding an officer, driving with a suspended or revoked license, and operating a motor vehicle without the consent of the owner.

Additional actions that will add points to your license include operating a motor vehicle while you are committing a felony, underage DUI/OVI, disregard of people or property that is blatant and willful, and other moving violations except load limit violations.


If you accumulate too many points, your license will be suspended by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, you will have to complete reinstatement requirements and pay reinstatement fees. You may also need to petition the traffic court for limited driving privileges.

If you have been stopped for a traffic infraction, OVI or other traffic offense, contact The Hemminger Law Firm as soon as possible so that we may review your case and the best plan of action to have the infraction dismissed or changed to a violation that doesn’t accumulate points.